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First Liberty

First Liberty LogoFirst Liberty is a legal organization that works to defend our freedom of religion.  This is the largest legal organization dedicated exclusively to this cause.  Perhaps you have heard of the bakers in Oregon who were fined 135,000 for refusing to bake a cake, or the Air Force Veteran who was dragged out of a retirement ceremony for mentioning God.  This organization specializes in cases that defend our constitutional and natural right to religious liberty.

This organization provides these legal services to people of faith without cost to them.  They have a small staff of their own, and have assembled a group of experienced and talented attorneys who have a deep desire to work on religious freedom cases pro bono.

First Liberty has also been highly successful.  At the time of this writing, they have won over 90% of their cases, and have argued cases at every judicial level including the United States Supreme Court.

First liberty takes on cases for religious organizations, members of the military, students, teachers and other cases where religious liberty is threatened in public.

The First Liberty website is also valuable resource.  They have a list of cases that you can review.  They also have resources to help organizations be more legally prepared to defend themselves.  They offer several “Kits” in PDF form that give free legal guidance to the U.S. Military, Churches, Ministries, Students,Teachers, and Christian Schools.   These kits help them to prepare appropriate legal language before an they are challenged.  These kits can be found here.

If you are interested in supporting them, please visit:

First Liberty