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Christian Community Credit Union

Christian Community Credit Union LogoIf you find yourself distrusting your financial institution, you should consider doing your banking with an organization that is not only a non-profit, but that also shares your worldview.  That’s what we have as Christians when we choose to do our banking with Christian Community Credit Union.

Well Established

Christian Community Credit Union was established over 60 years ago by a group of Baptist pastors.  Since that time it has greatly expanded and is now one of the country’s largest credit unions.

Member Owned

One of the great things about credit unions is that they are owned by their members.  This means that any profits must be returned to the members.  In the case of Christian Community Credit Union, this means that fees are very low, savings rates are high and loan rates are very reasonable compared to most banks.  The credit union truly exists to meet the needs of its members.  In the case of Christian Community Credit Union, it goes well beyond that.

Good Savings Rates

One of the surprising things about CCCU is their high savings and CD rates.  My investigation shows that they are often well over double the rates at the bank and many other credit unions.  This is a testimony to their frugal use of member resources but I believe that it is fundamentally a testimony to their commitment to put God and their members first.  You can see CCCU’s rates for your self here: Christian Community Credit Union Rates

Becoming a Member

To become a Christian Community Credit Union member, you must either be a part of a member church or organization, or you must be related to someone who is already a member.  You may find that you are qualified in more than way.  Find out the details here: Christian Community Credit Union Membership.

New Member Benefits

As of the time of the writing of this article, CCCU was offering a new member 18 month CD at 4% for $500 up to $2500.  You are probably not going to find anything like that at a bank.  They also offer a $200 bonus when you open a checking account as a new member.

Personal Loans

CCCU is a full service credit union that offers mortgages, car loans and lines of credit at competitive rates.  One of the great things about Christian Community Credit Union is that they hold their own loans and don’t sell them as is so common with banks today.


When you use Christian Community Credit Union credit cards, you are also giving to missions and ministry projects.  The credit union also offers scholarships to students.


CCCU is located online at MyCCCU.com.  Their website is very intuitive and easy to use.  This means that the nearest branch is on your computer or cell phone.  Christian Community Credit Union is located in California but they are a part of the CO-OP Shared Branch system.  As a result, CCCU ATM’s are available in every state.  They also share some branch services with many local credit unions.  This means that there are thousands of ATMs across the nation that you can use for free.  You can see if CCCU has ATMs and shared branches in your area by looking at the map on this page: Christian Community Credit Union Locations.

Church Loans

Because they have a decidedly Christian worldview, CCCU understands how churches fund their projects.  They know that it is very common to fund large projects with donations, even with small congregations.  This is something that banks may not understand at all.  CCCU has been providing loans to churches for many years and they have a deep understanding of the needs that churches have.

Small Business

Christian Community Credit Union also provides accounts and services to small business.  The organization has invested in online tools that make it easy for business to do their work from their own location without even going to a branch.  This is done by using modern online tools including phone apps, making it easier to do business banking faster.  Business will also learn that their fees are much lower than popular banking alternatives.

A Great Opportunity

Christian Community Credit Union gives Christians a great opportunity to work with a financial organization that shares their worldview.  This goes beyond your typical financial experience.  It helps you to know that you are working with an organization that shares in your work for God’s kingdom.

Go to: Christian Community Credit Union