• Love Packages

    Love Packages

    Do you have an old Bible laying around or some old Christian magazines? Read this before you throw them away. The founder of this ministry was in the same situation. He had some old Bibles and magazines that had been […]

  • iVoter Guide

    iVoter Guide

    If you want to use your gifts to help the country, you might consider giving to iVoter Guide.  You may also want to check them out if you are having trouble figuring out what the candidates stand for.  This is […]

  • Christian Community Credit Union

    Christian Community Credit Union

    If you find yourself distrusting your financial institution, you should consider doing your banking with an organization that is not only a non-profit, but that also shares your worldview.  That’s what we have as Christians when we choose to do […]

  • Ethnos360


    This organization is probably better known as New Tribes Mission. Since 1942 that’s the name they used.  This missionary organization is special in that they intend to do everything they can to reach tribes of people that are isolated and […]

  • Blue Letter Bible

    Blue Letter Bible

    Blue Letter Bible is a ministry that provides powerful Bible study software online for free.  What used to cost pastors a fortune is now accessible to the common man by simply visiting this site.  If you are interested in supporting […]

  • Eight Days of Hope

    Eight Days of Hope

    Eight Days of Hope is a ministry that responds to natural disasters by organizing volunteers to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” to those in need.  They are an evangelistic ministry that encourages those with skills as well as […]

  • Your Church

    Your Church

    One of the very best places that any of us can give is our own local church.  There are several good reasons to start your giving this way.  Your church directly supports you.  It is also possible to see where […]

  • First Liberty

    First Liberty

    First Liberty is a legal organization that works to defend our freedom of religion.  This is the largest legal organization dedicated exclusively to this cause.  Perhaps you have heard of the bakers in Oregon who were fined 135,000 for refusing […]

  • Biblical Science Institute

    Biblical Science Institute

    Our information crazed world continues to bombard us with intellectual arguments against God.  It has become increasingly important to address the questions raised by those who are honestly seeking answers.  Many simply assume that believing in the Bible is unscientific.  […]

  • Samaritan’s Purse

    Samaritan’s Purse

    If you are looking to support relief operations around the world, Samaritan’s Purse is an excellent option.  Relief operations are just one of the kinds of things that this organization does.  Many relief organizations don’t share the gospel.  Like other […]