When you become a member of Treasure Me Up, you will gain full access to all of the tools to help you manage your charitable giving.  You will have access to the Treasure Tracker, which allows you to visualize the effect your giving has in the Kingdom of God.

Membership is year is $12 per year.

You can send a check by mail.  Make your check out to Troy Taft and send it to:

Treasure Me Up c/o Troy Taft
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With your membership, you will be supporting the ongoing development of this site and gain access to members-only benefits.

The Treasure Tracker is currently available to use.   This is a tool for members that allows you to visualize what your gifts look like in heaven.  It’s a tangible way to simulate what your heavenly savings account would be like!

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To use the Treasure Tracker web app, just sign up to be a member by using the “Pay With Card” button above, and you will receive a passcode by email.

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