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  • Love Packages

    Love Packages

    Do you have an old Bible laying around or some old Christian magazines? Read this before you throw them away. The founder of this ministry was in the same situation. He had some old Bibles and magazines that had been […]

  • Ethnos360


    This organization is probably better known as New Tribes Mission. Since 1942 that’s the name they used.  This missionary organization is special in that they intend to do everything they can to reach tribes of people that are isolated and […]

  • Your Church

    Your Church

    One of the very best places that any of us can give is our own local church.  There are several good reasons to start your giving this way.  Your church directly supports you.  It is also possible to see where […]

  • The Pocket Testament League

    The Pocket Testament League

    This is an organization that started when a teenage girl, the daughter of the president of Cadbury Chocolates in 1893, wanted to share the gospel with others.  She and a group of her friends sewed pockets into their dresses specifically […]