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Ethnos360 LogoThis organization is probably better known as New Tribes Mission. Since 1942 that’s the name they used.  This missionary organization is special in that they intend to do everything they can to reach tribes of people that are isolated and haven’t heard the Gospel.

This organization teaches in the language and culture of the people.  By better understanding the culture and by learning the language, they are more careful to avoid worldview traps.  They can use some cultural ideas to help share the Gospel, but they must also avoid others.

Ethnos360 has discovered the power of sharing the Gospel to these cultures by starting at Genesis.  Telling the whole biblical story ensures that those who hear the Gospel don’t mix ideas with their old ways.  It’s important for missionaries to avoid helping to create new false religions and by teaching the whole Bible, this is avoided.

According to the Ethnos360 website, 2,500 of the 6,500 people groups on earth still need access to the Gospel.  This organization intends to do everything they can to reach them.

Like many good missionary organizations, Ethnos360 works to establish strong churches.  They don’t merely save people by encouraging them to make a decision.  That’s the example that we see in the book of Acts.

This organization has had good results and have done a very good job of communicating those results over the years using film and video.  Here’s a video about one tribe that was deeply deceived by their culture.  It was keeping them from living in a healthy way.  God’s word saved them.

Ethnos360 also provides a great opportunity to those who wish to help in this effort.  As you might imagine, learning a new culture and language in order to share the Gospel is no small task, yet, God has used this organization to do just that.

As a result of work that we do like this, people know the truth.  Here’s the truth from one of the ones that was taught by Ethnos360 missionaries:

To help Ethnos360 in their efforts, please visit:



Eight Days of Hope

Eight Days of Hope LogoEight Days of Hope is a ministry that responds to natural disasters by organizing volunteers to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” to those in need.  They are an evangelistic ministry that encourages those with skills as well as those without skills to volunteer to rebuild homes and churches after a natural disaster.

This organization provides free food and lodging for volunteers so that they can respond to natural disasters in the United States and help people rebuild their lives.  They also provide building materials.  When you give to Eight Days of Hope, you can give for specific items such as a new roof, re-wiring or drywall installation.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to give money.  If you have any kind of skill, or just wish to use your vacation in order to help, you can sign up for their next project.

To give, visit:

Eight Days of Hope


Your Church

praying in churchOne of the very best places that any of us can give is our own local church.  There are several good reasons to start your giving this way.  Your church directly supports you.  It is also possible to see where your gifts are going.  You can give more than just money to your church and these gifts are part of our heavenly bank account too.

The local church participates in almost every kind of charitable function including:

  • Sharing the gospel
  • Feeding the poor
  • Apologetics
  • Education

And often many others as well.  Our church leaders are fed and clothed by our gifts and that is a big blessing to God who calls them.

When you search for other places to give, remember that gifts to your church count too.

Biblical Science Institute

Biblical Science Institute LogoOur information crazed world continues to bombard us with intellectual arguments against God.  It has become increasingly important to address the questions raised by those who are honestly seeking answers.  Many simply assume that believing in the Bible is unscientific.  Well, the name of this apologetics organization implies that the Bible and science go quite well together.

Dr. Lisle has been instrumental in teaching Christians about how science and the Bible really do go well together.  In fact, he argues that science depends upon what God says.

Biblical Science Institute produces materials and provides lectures that help Christians to stay strong in their own beliefs and find the truth about what science actually tells us.  Dr. Lisle is a Ph.D. Astrophysicist himself, and you can expect his organization to provide rational arguments that address today’s issues.

Dr. Lisle also help’s Christians to think logically and become better equipped to defend Christianity, even when talking to someone more educated than themselves.

The ministry also provides a place for members to ask questions and find answers on it’s online forums.

You can give to this apologetics ministry by visiting:

Biblical Science Institute



Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritans Purse LogoIf you are looking to support relief operations around the world, Samaritan’s Purse is an excellent option.  Relief operations are just one of the kinds of things that this organization does.  Many relief organizations don’t share the gospel.  Like other organizations we highlight, Samaritan’s Purse meets physical needs in order have the opportunity to share the gospel.  This organization is represented by Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham and they are committed to keep the message of Jesus a primary focus in their efforts to help those in need.

Samaritan’s Purse has built a top notch operation that serves those with all kinds of needs, all around the world.  They are also the power behind Operation Christmas Child.  That’s the group that organizes volunteers and resources to pack and send thousands of shoe box gifts around the world every year for Christmas.

Samaritans Purse Boy with ChickenThis article is too small to describe all of the things that this single organization does.  If you join their operation, you will receive top-notch communication about what they are doing all over the world.  Here’s a list of some of their project categories:

  • Animals and Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Country Projects
  • Disaster Response
  • Education
  • Feeding
  • Medical
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Operation Heal Our Patriots
  • The Greatest Journey
  • Water
  • Women and Children


Samaritan’s Purse not only puts feet on the ground after a natural disaster, they help the poor by making a way for us to help provide for their physical needs.  They publish a catalog of items that you can buy to help those in need.

God has used this organization to inspire people to give too.  Two young bakers took it upon themselves to raise money to repair an entire hospital.  Yes you heard that right.  Here’s their story:


God continues to use Samaritan’s Purse to inspire us to give as well.

If you are interested in giving, visit them here:

Samaritan’s Purse

The Pocket Testament League

Pocket Testament League GraphicThis is an organization that started when a teenage girl, the daughter of the president of Cadbury Chocolates in 1893, wanted to share the gospel with others.  She and a group of her friends sewed pockets into their dresses specifically to carry New Testaments with them to read and share with others.  Today, it has grown to become a full time ministry that provides free copies of the Gospel of John to anyone willing to read, carry and share them.

This gospel-centered ministry also has an amazing website that tracks your ministry’s effectiveness, much like we do here at Treasure Me Up.  If you chose to share Gospels of John, the website will keep track of them and when your influence results in a salvation, it is also recorded.

If you choose not to share the gospels yourself, you can pay to help those who wish to do so but don’t have the money.  The website keeps track of how many people are waiting to receive gospels too.

The PTL ministry has gone to great lengths to produce a huge variety of covers for their gospels that appeal to people in all walks of life.  These include covers specifically for men or women.  There are covers for holidays as well as for sports buffs, military, medical professionals and many more.

The website also provides videos and guidance to help members find opportunities to share the gospels as well as their faith.  They have an email evangelism course that you can take for free.  Their testimony videos are especially encouraging in that they show that sharing your faith isn’t just for public speakers.  God can use all of us.

The website also gives those who receive the gospels a way to find out more.  They can post messages to members and you can participate in encouraging those that your gospels have influenced.

They even have pocket gospels of John in several languages and often share them during large events such as the Olympics.

If you would like to be a sponsor or distribute these gospels yourself, visit:

The Pocket Testament League


Pre-born: An Effective Way to Save Babies

Preborn LogoIt’s hard to find a more effective way to stop abortion than the one that is offered through the ministry of Pre-born.  It has been demonstrated scientifically that 80% of the time, when a mother sees her baby and hears her baby’s heart beat, she will choose to keep her child.  The simple fact is that when we see what’s going on, we know that this is a real person and that abortion doesn’t do any good for anyone.

This ministry has provided a way for us to pay for ultrasounds at pregnancy centers.   Pre-born’s ministry is set up in such a way that 100% of your gift goes to those services too.  They can do this because they have arranged for separate donors to pay their administrative expenses.

A gift of $140 will pay for 5 ultrasounds.  This includes the use of the ultrasound machine and the presence of professionals to operate the equipment.  The statistics are clear, if you give, you will directly save at least 4 babies lives.  If you want to take a bigger role in saving babies, Pre-born also has a program by which you or your group may donate an entire ultrasound machine for about $15,000 to one of the clinics that has requested one.

The work of Pre-born doesn’t stop with the ultrasound.  They are also committed to evangelism.  The mothers and fathers who come to these pro-life clinics are going to hear the saving message about Jesus too.  Pre-born offers evangelism counseling to more than 40 clinics across the United States.  In 2017 alone, the gospel was shared 20,271 times and 8,409 women received Jesus.  It is important to this ministry to not only save babies, but to save the souls of their parents as well.

If you would like to give to Pre-born, please visit their website: