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Your Church

praying in churchOne of the very best places that any of us can give is our own local church.  There are several good reasons to start your giving this way.  Your church directly supports you.  It is also possible to see where your gifts are going.  You can give more than just money to your church and these gifts are part of our heavenly bank account too.

The local church participates in almost every kind of charitable function including:

  • Sharing the gospel
  • Feeding the poor
  • Apologetics
  • Education

And often many others as well.  Our church leaders are fed and clothed by our gifts and that is a big blessing to God who calls them.

When you search for other places to give, remember that gifts to your church count too.

Biblical Science Institute

Biblical Science Institute LogoOur information crazed world continues to bombard us with intellectual arguments against God.  It has become increasingly important to address the questions raised by those who are honestly seeking answers.  Many simply assume that believing in the Bible is unscientific.  Well, the name of this apologetics organization implies that the Bible and science go quite well together.

Dr. Lisle has been instrumental in teaching Christians about how science and the Bible really do go well together.  In fact, he argues that science depends upon what God says.

Biblical Science Institute produces materials and provides lectures that help Christians to stay strong in their own beliefs and find the truth about what science actually tells us.  Dr. Lisle is a Ph.D. Astrophysicist himself, and you can expect his organization to provide rational arguments that address today’s issues.

Dr. Lisle also help’s Christians to think logically and become better equipped to defend Christianity, even when talking to someone more educated than themselves.

The ministry also provides a place for members to ask questions and find answers on it’s online forums.

You can give to this apologetics ministry by visiting:

Biblical Science Institute